Der Viking Entlebuchers is proud to follow the highest breeding standards as set forth by the FCI, Canadian and United Kennel Clubs along with the Foundation Stock Service and the ethical breeding requirements of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club of America. Our breeding stock has secured OFA certification and is annually certified by CERF to ensure no abnormalities such as PRA or cataracts are present.

Der Viking Entlebuchers is owned and operated by the Carlson family and located outside Chicago, Illinois. Our family also includes three adult Entlebuchers; Hilda, Emme and Zermatt. We have been actively involved with the breed since our kennel was established in 1993. Our commitment to the Entlebucher has been long-standing and is reflected in the high standards by which we choose to operate. We are experienced breeders that focus on the importance of quality to sustain the integrity and longevity of the Entlebucher.

Hilda was chosen to represent the Entlebucher on the American Rare Breed Association web page. She is also pictured on the Entlebucher Sennenhund and EMDCA web page mast heads.

Temperament, health and confirmation within European standards are top priority at Der Viking. Our breeding dogs have been OFA certified with "Good" ratings and are annually screened through CERF and to date are clear. Der Viking pups are born and raised indoors in a clean family environment.

Continuous socialization is vital through the early weeks and encourages positive development. Our puppies receive daily interaction from a variety of loving humans and three adult entlebuchers offering the best upbringing possible. Never underestimate the importance of the education a pup receives from its resident adults. Personality and aptitude testing help us ensure proper placement in accordance with our perspective owners.

Der Viking Entlebuchers will never knowingly breed any dogs with lineage that has a history of health defects. Additionally we shall never knowingly place a dog or pup with less than perfect health without full advance disclosure. We refrain from the brokering, importation for resale and other forms of exploitation of the breed.

Every breed has its own characteristics and although the Entlebucher is a perfect match for our family, it is not right for everyone. If your lifestyle is compatible and you have properly prepared yourself for this commitment, you will find incomparable companionship from these wonderful creatures.

Der Viking Entlebuchers has successfully placed pups throughout North America. This has included a wide variety of domestic situations with personal attention to the individual expectations of each buyer. Our long list of satisfied owners is a testament of our commitment to "quality pups for quality families".

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