Most folks are looking for an entlebucher want just that, an entlebucher, for the various reasons that have gotten you to the point of checking availability. Once you have made the determination an entlebucher is an ideal match with your lifestyle and that of your family, locating a physically and mentally healthy pup is top priority.

Der Viking Entlebuchers is proud to follow the highest breeding standards as set forth by the FCI, Canadian and United Kennel Clubs along with the Foundation Stock Service and the ethical breeding requirements of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club of America. Our breeding stock has secured OFA certification and is annually certified by CERF to ensure no abnormalities such as PRA or cataracts exist. Only top quality entlebuchers are bred here and only of the creme de la creme are approved as candidates for future breeding and for those looking for show prospects.

Our pups are raised in a clean rural home environment. Pups receive quality socialization from birth through placement not only from a variety of human interaction but also the specialized training of how to be a dog from our three resident adult entlebuchers. We provide only the highest quality nutrition and health care. Each pup is certified healthy as documented by a state issued health certificate.

All Der Viking pups are outfitted with a microchip ID.

If you are interested in acquiring an Entlebucher pup, please respond with some personal information, regarding your geographic location, type of residence, family size, lifestyle, etc. Your intentions for the dog; family pet, showing, breeding, personal companion, working a farm, etc. Specify gender preference, if any.
Please allow a week for response.

We welcome and encourage you to visit our kennel, located 40 miles northwest of Chicago.











Dam - EMME


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Notes: NONE
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