Clarifications on Requirements for Collecting Blood for PRA Research

In order to send out kits, there are some things we absolutely need. I have pasted below the standard request for information, which we need filled out completely before a kit can go out. I would appreciate, for everyone prepared to have their dog's blood collected, that you forward this request for information to them. The requested information can either be emailed to me, or mailed or faxed to me or to Amanda Nickle at Retinal Disease Studies Facility, New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania, 382 West Street Road. Kennett Square, PA 19348; (610) 444 6029 [fax].

It is vital that the person seeking to have their dog collected make arrangements with their local veterinarian ahead of time. We cannot ship a kit to anyone other than a veterinarian. Unfortunately we have found that a significant number of kits that we have shipped out, and were received by the veterinarian according to Fedex, have not resulted in samples being returned to us. We do not have the resources to chase up every kit sent out.

Please supply ALL of the following information, when requesting a blood collecting kit:


  Name: ______________________________________________________________

  Address: ___________________________________________________________

  City: _______________________ State: ______ Zipcode: _______________

  Phone number: ___________________________

Veterinarian (who has agreed to receive a kit, collect the blood, and ship it)

  Name: ______________________________________________________________

  Address: ___________________________________________________________

  City: _______________________ State: ______ Zipcode: _______________

  Phone number: ___________________________

For each dog to be collected:

  Registered name: ___________________________________________________

  Gender (M/F): ________  Date of Birth: _____________________________


  Sire: ______________________________________________________________

  Dam: _______________________________________________________________

  Examining veterinary ophthalmologist: ______________________________

  Result of exam: ____________________________________________________

  Date of exam: ______________________________________________________

  Preferably include a pedigree and copy of CERF exam sheet.

It is very important that the owner discuss this with the veterinarian ahead of time. The kit we send out will include all supplies and instructions for blood collection and shipment, at our expense. Any charge for the veterinarian's time for the procedure is the responsibility of the owner.

If the dog has been diagnosed as affected we have to know who made the diagnosis, and we need a copy of any reports describing the basis of this diagnosis.

In general we wish to obtain samples from PRA-affected dogs and their first degree relatives ONLY. This includes siblings (whether or not littermates), parents, and offspring. Preferably, only dogs at least 2 years or older should be collected, and preferably only dogs that have been examined by an ACVO diplomate. If there is any question as to which dogs should be collected from, please ask.

When the above information is received, arrangements can be made to ship a blood collection and shipment kit to your veterinarian of choice. You should speak to your veterinarian's office ahead of time to alert them to the anticipated arrival of the kit, and ensure that the veterinarian is willing to collect the blood. Note: it is important to stress that the collection kit is complete and is intended to be shipped back entirely. Although the kit will be Fedexed, it often takes 2-3 weeks for a kit to be sent out. If there is an issue of urgency please let my office know.

Gregory M. Acland, B.V.Sc.; Dip.ACVO
(607) 256-5684 [phone]
Center for Canine Genetics & Reproduction
(607) 256-5689 [fax]
James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health
Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine
Hungerford Hill Rd, Ithaca, New York 14853

This form provided courtesty of Deb Jones of Mastiff Club of America

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